Rimmel London Provocalips Review - Long lasting lip stain with no colour transfer. Reviewed by


Lip product lovers rejoice! I may have found the holy grail of drugstore lip stains. The best part? Its under $10.

I like to leave the house in the morning ready to conquer the day. Unfortunately for me the way I feel when my alarm goes off in the morning is a far cry from that (snooze button, anyone?).  The fastest way to pick me up? Under eye concealer, bronzed cheeks, and bright lips! That combination in my opinion is the quickest way to make me look fresh faced, and when I see myself in the mirror looking like I’m awake, it psychologically makes me feel the same.

Typically, I am a big fan of the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stains ($18 at they go on liquid and turn into a nice matte. I find their colours rich, deep and fairly long lasting. Great for an event or night out!  My only issue with them is that they aren’t the most durable when it comes to every day eating and drinking. I like to drink at least 500 mL of water on my way to work every morning, and it gets extremely frustrating that by the time I get to work a good chunk of lipstick/lipstain is either all over my bottle or has been ingested and I need to reapply.

Enter Rimmel London Provocalips.


(Shades left to right – 420 Berry Seductive, 500 Kiss Me You Fool, 730 Make Your Move, 230 Kiss Fatal, 440 Just Teasing – 10 shades available)

I was introduced to this product by a fellow lipstick lover who would not stop raving about this stain.  The day she told me about it she had first applied her colour at 7am and by the time we talked it was almost Noon and her lipstick still looked flawless. She had finished a coffee and had eaten a few snacks during those 5 hours and had zero need for reapplication.  I was intrigued. So, naturally I went to my nearest Shoppers Drug Mart and bought 5 of them.. (FYI its a few dollars more expensive at Shoppers, just shy of $10. Its a little bit cheaper at Walmart ($7.98 at

So, how did it go? Lets get to the application.

Step 1- Fresh, recently moisturized lips. I did a quick lip scrub and put on a little lip balm about 10 minutes before application.


Step 2 – Lip Colour. This goes on wet, and takes about a full minute to dry. Its a little bit sticky once its on, and once it dries it doesn’t budge.


Step 3 – Moisturizing gloss to lock in the colour. This has a nice subtle sugary scent to it, and is quite moisturizing. Feels great!

Rimmel London Provocalips Review - Long lasting lip stain with no colour transfer. Reviewed by

Step 4 – The transfer test. Now this step is optional, but its definitely my favourite part.



The verdict? Hallelujah! No colour transfer! Eat and drink to your heart’s content!

The clear moisturizing gloss does transfer a little bit, but the colour doesn’t budge. Realistically, considering the price tag and colour selection, who cares. Hopefully Rimmel makes this a forever product. Its officially a staple in my makeup wardrobe.

Let me know how you like it!


    1. It really is great. I wore it yesterday from 11am to about 8pm and only took it off when I was getting ready to wind down for the evening and call it a night. Pretty awesome!

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