I love a great set of temporary falsies, but sometimes the perfect application can be such an arduous task. The glue, the patience, the steady hand it requires, the fear of impaling an eyeball, etc. Let us not forget that after all that hard work there is no guarantee you even put them on properly. If you’re anything like me you often end up with more glue than lash on your eyes and look like the sandman just paid you a visit – which is the opposite look than the one I assume you are going for.

Sometimes I want a little extra oomfph to my lashes but my desire to do something about it is often suppressed by my sheer laziness (ideally less than 30 seconds of effort, please).

Thats where this little guy comes in handy.

IMG_0568(Shiseido Eye Lash Curler, $24 at

Don’t be intimidated by its Game of Thrones/Theon Greyjoy torture device like appearance.  This strategically crafted piece of metal is quite the handy tool to make your lashes look longer and open up your eyes.  I find that ladies that have never used one before are a little fearful because of the idea of lashes pulling or skin pinching.  The good news is that with very little practice, you can become a pro at using a curler, discomfort free!  The combination of using an eyelash curler with mascara always amazes me. It’s pretty incredible how a little curl can make you feel all Lilly Ghalichi. I like to place the curler at the base of my eye just above my lash line, squeeze and hold for about 5-10 seconds. Boom.  Eyelashes, curled. I personally do not curl my bottom lashes because they are too short, and I usually end up pinching something which is no fun.

My dynamic duo for longer lashes:


(Shiseido Eye Lash Curler, $24 at, Lancome GRANDIÔSE Mascara, $34 at

I’m a big fan of the Lancome GRANDIÔSE because it has an angled wand that gets almost every lash from root to tip.  The Shiseido curler is very comfortable and easy to use.  As long as you don’t rush the part where you’re placing the curler on your lashes (do it slowly and pay attention) there should be zero pain and tons of curl.

IMG_0429No mascara, no curl.

IMG_043310 second right lash curl

IMG_0450Post right lash curl only

IMG_0562Post right and left curl plus 2 coats of mascara!

I love to use this combination + a great SPF after I have had some sort of skincare treatment where I do not want to wear any product on my skin so it can breathe.  Its simple, yet extremely effective – especially on those days you wish to put in minimal effort for maximum reward.

This post is for all my fellow minimalists (lazy people). I know you get me.


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