BEAUTY INTERVIEW: Top 5 with Jasmine Marta

getting ready report interview jasmine marta - smashbox, marc jacobs, anastasia beverly hills, mac lipstick, cover fx




Ottawa, Ontario


“Makeup to me isn’t about painting on a new face but rather accentuating your best features. You know when you’re walking around and you know you look good and you feel like no one can tell you anything about yourself? As if the opinions or judgments of others have no bearing on you? I feel like makeup can give you that kind of confidence.

Sometimes when I wake up really early for work and am struggling to get going, my eyeliner application can set the tone of my day. If I hit both sides perfectly and my lids match on the first try, I know it’s going to be a good day.


getting ready report interview jasmine marta - smashbox, marc jacobs, anastasia beverly hills, mac lipstick, cover fx

My go-to foundation is Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation. I consider this a medium coverage foundation because I can still see my skin through the product. I would say the coverage is somewhere between nightclub and beachwear – although I do still use it for both. I previously used a MAC foundation but I found my skin was very sensitive to it and I suspect it may have been contributing to a lot of my breakouts. I have found my skin responds much better to Cover FX’s foundation formula. I take a quarter sized drop and dot it around my face with my finger, and then use a foundation brush to blend it in to my skin.


I never used a makeup primer before, but now I can’t imagine putting on my makeup without it. I used to break out pretty heavily around my forehead but ever since I started using the Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer Light I have been breaking out way less. I apply the primer with my fingers and a dime sized amount covers my entire face. Essentially the primer prevents the makeup from entering my pores. I have been using it for the past few months and I feel like using this primer is actually allowing my skin to mend itself. It is still healing but it’s really amazing how using this primer in combination with my Cover FX Foundation is changing my skin. Another major bonus to using this product is that it makes my makeup last forever. When I’m wearing this primer I never have to reapply any of my makeup.   As a personal trainer I typically wake up around 5:30am to train clients and go to bed around 10:00pm. My makeup doesn’t budge, even after a hard, sweaty workout.


I love lipstick a lot. It’s difficult however as a woman of colour to find a good nude lipstick at the drugstore or even Sephora. I find their shade selection is a little limited when it comes to neutrals. The good news is that MAC has a ton of options. I highly recommend my MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy if you are looking for a good everyday nude lipstick. This colour is perfect because the shade is not too over the top and it gives you just the right amount of colour on your lips.  This colour doesn’t bleed and I don’t feel the need to use a liner with it. I typically find matte lipsticks dry out my lips, but this particular one is more moisturizing than other lipsticks, which I like. If you’re going to eat or drink with it on you’re going to want to have it near by. It’s definitely a lipstick that you have to leave the house with in your purse or else you’ll end up wiping it off. I don’t really mind having to reapply it because that’s part of wearing lipstick. This is my #1 lipstick go-to.


My Marc Jacobs O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara makes my eyelashes nice and thick. I love the brush. Personally I found that the drugstore brands I have used in the past are really good for about a month and then they start to get clumpy. This does not clump at all. You can put layers upon layers of mascara on without making them look all Yzma – you know, the evil villain from The Emperors New Groove? It keeps you from looking like you have three very thick eyelashes. One tube lasts me about 6 months. Sometimes if my tube is empty and I don’t have time to go to Sephora I’ll buy drugstore brand mascara and use my Marc Jacobs brush to apply it. The brush is everything.

yzma gif


My absolute essential is my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. Anastasia has a great selection of pencil colours to match your hair. Most other pencil brands I find have red tones in their formula, which doesn’t really work for me because I don’t have any red in my hair. With Anastasia I was able to find a shade without red in it. It’s so great to have a shade that actually suits my eyebrows and matches my natural highlights. They have shades for people across the whole hair colour spectrum including really really light hair. The other cool thing about this that when you open it, you’ll see the pencil is shaped like a triangle so it’s thin at the top and gets wider at the bottom. The thin part is good for outlining and defining your brow, and the thick part is good for filling it in. I need to fill it in a lot because my actual eyebrow hairs aren’t very thick. To make it look more natural you open up the other side of the pencil and brush it out. Anastasia has a brow gel that you can use to set the brow, but I don’t need it because this pencil’s waxy texture keeps everything in place. In the past I’ve tried eyebrow powders in pursuit of the perfect brow – but in my opinion nothing performs as well as this does. Just a point of caution, make sure you always bring the tip down before you put the cap back on the pencil. I broke one forgetting to do that. Whoops! One pencil lasts me about 6 months and I use it every day. I love it.”


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