BEAUTY INTERVIEW: Top 5 with Carla Bourada





Ottawa, Ontario



“I have never been one to take hours getting ready, so having kids didn’t impact my routine too much. I also am lucky that my hair isn’t naturally very oily, so I can get away with washing my hair every other day.  It’s normally in a messy bun, so if I’m rushing, skipping the blow dryer is not a problem.  I’m pretty simple when it comes to my daily make up; BB cream, bronzer, and mascara are my staples. I do enjoy a casual smoky eye so I’ll often smudge in some dark eyeliner and away I go! I’m usually done my hair and make up in fewer than 10 minutes.


I have a lot of memories of my mom getting ready for her day, for work, or for going out. One thing she passed on to me is the importance of being ‘ready’. She would always have her hair and make up done. She never would leave the house without it. I think how you present yourself is really important. To me it’s not about loading the make up on and perfecting you hair, it’s simply about making an effort to look polished and prepared to take on the day.

I tell my girls that it’s important to look put together – hair brushed, teeth brushed, and wearing a matching outfit. At 3 & 6 years old it’s a little hard to get the message across, but as they get older I think they’ll start to understand what I mean.


Getting Ready Report Carla Bourada Body Mass Kevin Murphy

My hair has always been on the thin side, but having kids as destroyed it forever. I’ve lost a lot of hair since my babies, and now that it’s growing back in, it needs help to look fuller. Body Mass by Kevin Murphy is a leave in plumping spray specifically made to treat thinning hair – and it has actually helped thicken my hair. I use it because its very lightweight, adds thickness, and doesn’t leave any residue. I always spray it on my wet hair before I blow dry. It’s a key part of my daily routine.

Getting Ready Report Carla Bourada GM Collin Ceramide

I use G.M. Collin Daily Ceramide instead of a thick moisturizing cream every day. I remember my mom using it when I was a teenager and I was so fascinated by it. I would think to myself, ‘What’s inside these little magic gold beads?!’ Well I found out that there’s a whole lot of awesomeness inside! It’s a lightweight anti-aging serum that absorbs quickly and leaves you skin silky smooth and glowing. It works really well under foundation and makeup. Since my skin is usually drab and puffy in the mornings and since I don’t sleep because I have four kids, I really find this gives my face a nice, much needed glow.

Getting Ready Report Carla Bourada GM Collin BB Cream

My G.M. Collin BB Mineral Cream is a tinted BB cream that contains SPF 25. It comes in a few shades and I use the beige or the bronze depending on my tan situation. I am very loyal to this BB cream and have tried a couple other brands but this is definitely the best. It’s lightweight and is a great base for my concealer, bronzer and blush. It gives my skin a dewy appearance. I don’t usually use foundation, but sometimes I’ll do half and half, a little foundation and a little BB cream, and find that combination provides great coverage. I love that it has SPF in it since I’m not the greatest with my sun protection.

Getting Ready Report Carla Bourada St Tropez

In the fall/winter when my tan is non-existent, I use St. Tropez Bronzing Lotion every day on my face and neck. After I moisturize, I rub this in using my hands, and it gives me a nice, subtle tan. I don’t use it on the rest of my body during winter and fall because longer clothing usually covers my skin. Unless I’m going to an event and wearing a dress, in which case I’ll use it everywhere. I like this particular tanner because unlike many other brands, it doesn’t streak and doesn’t leave your skin with an orange tinge. It has never stained my clothes. Once it’s on it’s absorbed really quickly and doesn’t budge.

Getting Ready Report Carla Bourada Mirabella Mascara

My mascara, Mirabella Lash Definition & Lash Luxe Duo, is honestly amazing. The Lash Definition wand coats and primes, lengthens and plumps your lashes before the coat of mascara goes on. I notice a huge difference in my lashes when using this stuff as opposed to when I skip this step and go straight to mascara. The Lash Luxe wand mascara formula lengthens and curls my lashes. I’ve never used a curler in my life. I think my choice of mascaras in general eliminate the need for a curler, especially this one. These two products together are extremely effective and make my eyes appear wider and bright – not like I’m in serious need of caffeine.

Getting Ready Report Carla Bourada Products

If you haven’t noticed, each and every one of these products, except for St. Tropez, is sold at my family’s spa, Westboro Spa and Hair Studio, in Ottawa. I used to work reception and assistant manage there but now I just take products and use them [laughs] Just kidding, Mom! The spa has carried GM Collin products for roughly 14 years, it’s their main skin care line. It just so happened my parents opened the spa around the time I started to care about my skin so I’ve used this line my whole life. I use their face wash, creams, serums, and exfoliators. I seriously credit G.M Collin products for my skin.”

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