BEAUTY INTERVIEW: Top 5 with Jenna Machum

getting ready report jenna machum



Ottawa, Ontario


“If I had to pin point a time where I became interested in beauty, I’d say somewhere after those awkward teenage years. I finally developed a sense of self and more of an idea of who I was as a person. With that, came a desire to explore products that would help accentuate my personality. Beauty gave me an avenue to express who I was on the inside, on the outside. Speaking of those awkward teenage years, have you ever heard of anyone wearing bright pink and purple eyeliner at the same time as green eye shadow? I mastered this colourful face while experiencing a slight, but typical, adolescent identity crisis. Thankfully I outgrew that stage pretty quickly and put all those products aside to be used exclusively for any future pencil crayoning endeavours. There is a lot I love about makeup. Most importantly, I think makeup can help express our own individual quirks. I learned to love it for what it could really do once I stopped using it as a cover up for the things that I was insecure of, but rather as a tool to bring out what I think, are my best features.


I have honestly tried everything under the sun in terms of liquid concealer, from the cheap stuff to the most expensive. It’s been difficult finding a foundation that doesn’t turn into that ‘caked on’ look as I progress throughout my workday. My Younique Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation and Younique Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer have been the best makeup purchases I’ve ever made. I use them everyday as part of my 5-minute makeup routine. Quick and easy is my motto! These products truly last and my face looks exactly the same at night as when I put my makeup on in the morning. Plus, it only takes 4-5 tiny drops of the foundation on my brush to give me medium coverage of my entire face. I first started using these two Younique products back in December 2015 and I am just now starting my 3rd bottle of foundation. Because I use so little of it, it lasts forever. In order to get Younique products you have to find a Younique representative. In my case, my best friend, Shannon, introduced me to it. I was initially a bit hesitant to try these products because the whole “sell to your friends” idea made me a little leery. Honestly, it has been so nice to not feel obligated to buy a product just because it’s my friend selling it, but because it is truly amazing.

My Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour Kit was my first ever contour kit. I love it because it’s easy to use and because it comes with instructions on how to apply it based on your face shape – A great bonus at the time for someone like me who was not yet well versed in the art of contouring. I was drawn to it because it’s a powdered set, and I had heard powder contour was much easier to apply in comparison to cream contour. It comes with three powders: contour, bronzer, and highlighter. The kit also includes a nice angled brush, another nice bonus considering the price! I initially used the same brush for all three powders, but eventually found that I preferred using a softer blush brush for the bronzer. In my experience a softer brush allows for better blending with my skin tone and minimized the harshness and chance of blunt, unblended contoured areas.

getting ready report smashbox boscia younique foundation concealer nyx matte glossI honestly don’t go a day to work without my Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick. I currently have 3 shades I rotate through. It is one of the first lipsticks I have found that lasts all day and doesn’t break the bank – only $11! It is my favourite find for the price and quality. The brush applicator makes it so easy to use. It creates crisp clean lines and eliminates the need to use a liner. Nyx Liquid Suede goes on as a creamy liquid and dries matte after 60 seconds or so. It doesn’t bleed; it’s my miracle lipstick! I might have to reapply once per day, typically after lunch, but sometimes even that isn’t necessary. I love that I am able to get Nyx at my local Shoppers Drug Mart. It’s so convenient for someone who may be in a emergency lipstick situation who isn’t next to a shopping mall but needs a quick, affordable and good quality lip colour.

getting ready report smashbox boscia younique foundation concealer nyx matte gloss

My Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel has been a lifesaver for my dry skin. I use this peel once a week or so followed by a good moisturizer. The product looks exactly like Spectro gel and goes on similarly. It comes in a bottle with a pump so you don’t waste any product. I use about 2-3 pumps per application. To use I typically rinse my face, apply and gently lather it with my hands. My problem areas are around my nose and under my eyes. As I rub my face I immediately notice dead skin and other gross stuff start to gather and slough off. At the end I rinse my face with warm water and my face feels so smooth. It’s a great exfoliator. I’ve had the bottle since November 2015 and it is nowhere near empty. It costs approximately $40. One bottle has lasted me a long time and it is so, so worth every penny.”

* If you are interested in purchasing Younique products, feel free to contact Younique Independent Presenter, Shannon Rafferty from Ottawa, Ontario.

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