BEAUTY INTERVIEW: Top 5 with Sophie Southmayd




London, England


From a very young age, I adored stealing my Mom’s make-up, nail polish, really whatever I could get my hands on, and give myself makeovers. My sense of subtlety was much less in tune back when I was five. Consequently, bright red lips and blue eye shadow made regular appearances. I think I was always more comfortable dressing myself than I was with my beauty regime. My love for fashion came first, but I’ve always loved beauty products. I’m still trying to figure it out! I used to work for a hair care line when I lived in France. I didn’t know anything about the beauty industry when I started there, but it was such a fun world to work in.


One of my best friends, April, and I started Histoire Jewelry a little over a year ago. It is all heirloom and antique pieces sourced mainly from European auction houses. Each piece is one of a kind. Essentially, each buyer is getting his or her own unique piece of history. April is a jeweler and I love to vintage shop. I did a lot of it when I lived in Paris. Together we were able to identify a gap in the market for this kind of jewelry. It’s our baby, one of my biggest accomplishments. We’re really excited about our newest collection, launching August 2016 on


Getting Ready Report Armani Luminessence Cream Sophie Southmayd

I have been using Armani Luminessence CC Cream for the past two years ever since a colleague with super-nice skin told me about it. I use it mainly on my cheeks to get a little glow. I have the palest almost see-through skin; using an illuminator gives me more life, especially in the summer. It also has built-in SPF 30 so that’s an added bonus, as I need all the help I can get to not have a burn. I’m trying to move away from baking myself in the sun. The thing I love the most about this product is how long it lasts since I only need a little of it. I find it instantly brightens my face and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

Getting Ready Report Kiehl's Creme de Corps Cream Sophie Southmayd

I’m a huge Kiehl’s fan. I’m a sucker for packaging, so I’m not going to lie: the simple and minimalist aesthetic of the brand is what drew me to it in the first place. I’ve used Kiehl’s Creme de Corps more than ever since I moved to the UK. The water here is really hard, so my skin was getting exceedingly dry. Crème de Corps is an ultra-rich moisturizer and honestly kind of works of like a spa treatment for the body. Using it once every couple of days keeps my skin really smooth and well hydrated. It also smells amazing. It has a really pretty and slight scent of honey with the texture of clotted cream. I would eat it if I didn’t know any better. The cream is definitely thick ─ it doesn’t absorb right away, but I kind of like that. My skin normally drinks in any moisturizer in a matter of seconds, but I feel like this one is actively working throughout the day. In terms of price versus value, this cream is not cheap, but I’m addicted to it and the pot it comes in is huge! My skin is really so much better since I started using it.

Getting Ready Report Oribe Dry Texturinzing Spray Sophie Southmayd

I use Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray to get that messy, beach-hair look, which is my go-to for most days. I use it a couple of times per week. It gives me a instant boost when I don’t feel like doing my hair. I use the spray the day after I wash my hair, when it generally needs a bit of a pick-me-up. My hair has really changed over the years, I used to have tons of curliness at the crown of my head, a super-sexy look, as you can imagine, and now that it’s become a little more tame I’ve lost a bit of volume at my roots. To use this product, I flip my hair to one side and spray the roots. Then flip it the other way and do the same thing. It gives my hair a lot of volume and the dry element of the product keeps my hair looking clean. After spraying it in, I play with it to mess it up a bit more. I love browsing beauty stores, and there’s a super-nice one in London close to where I live called Space NK. They walk you around the store and show you everything they have. Thats where I was introduced to this product. I think I went back there five times before I bought the spray so I could use all of their free samples first [laughs]. I bought the big can after trying it in the store ─ it was definitely good value compared to the smaller travel sized one. I find that I have to wash my hair less when I use this product. Which means I’m spending less on shampoo & conditioner, so I guess I’m saving money there? These are the things that help me sleep at night.

Getting Ready Report Alterna Caviar Shampoo Conditioner Sophie Southmayd

I immediately fell in love with my Alterna Anti-Aging Shampoo and Conditioner the first time I used them. One of my best friends works for the company and introduced me to it. Well, I stole it when I was using her shower the last time I was visiting in Paris. The product is so lightweight and leaves my hair feeling really clean, which in turn makes it bouncier and more full. I’m convinced that it’s making my hair grow really quickly, which is great because this summer I wanted to grow it out really long to get that mermaid, Candice Swanepoel look. I noticed positive changes with my hair right after I used it for the first time. As I mentioned before I worked for a hair care line before I started in fashion so I can really notice when something affects my hair. It just felt lighter and I could go for longer without washing it. I can now wait about 3-4 days between washes, whereas it used to be every second day before I had to wash it. I could tell that any build-up from other products had been taken away as well. My hair looks so much healthier now.

Getting Ready Report Jason Vitamin E Oil Sophie Southmayd

My Jason Vitamin E oil is an amazing anti-aging tool for getting rid of any fine lines or sunspots that is gentle on my skin. I swear by it and so does my beautiful mom. All I need is a couple of drops every couple of days, whenever I’m looking especially tired, and it’s really helped with my expression lines. I tend to furrow my brow a lot so this helps prevent me from looking too grumpy or old. You could use it every day as well, that’s what my mom does. I’m convinced that every year since I turned 25, a new line on my forehead has appeared. Like how a tree gets rings. Since I started using Vitamin E oil, though, the lines have almost disappeared! I also have freckles and moles, which I like to protect from the sun, so a little Vitamin E oil helps with that too. I can’t really use many anti-aging products because I find they are generally too harsh for me since my skin is sensitive. I react badly to most of them. Sometimes I’ll feel like an anti-aging product is working it’s magic, and then I’ll wake-up with my face super red, hot and irritated. Attractive. There’s something nice about using a product that is natural and contains only one ingredient. I use a lot of different products that have chemicals in them, and this is comparatively light and effective. Not to mention super-cheap – mine only cost me 3 pounds!”

Getting Ready Report Jason Vitamin E Oil Armani Luminessence Cream, Kiehl's Creme de Corps, Alterna Caviar Anti Aging Shampoo Conditioner, Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray Sophie Southmayd

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