BEAUTY INTERVIEW: Top 5 with Alison Leong



Vancouver, BC


“I started my blog, Alison*Elle, over 6 years ago when I was still in law school. At the time, studying basically consumed my life so my blog became an outlet where I could share some of my more frivolous and superficial interests like shopping, outfits, nail polish, and food. I’ve been a beauty junkie for years! Lets chalk it up to my obsession with collecting things. I’m definitely a bit of a magpie when it comes to new products; I want everything new, pretty, and shiny! As a child, my mom gave me some of her old makeup to play with and oh, how I loved those little compacts. There was a lipstick in a tiny pot that you applied with a brush and a gorgeous pink Mary Kay blush that I treasured dearly. I remember being so upset when I dropped it and cracked the powder.

In terms of skincare priorities, I’m all about sunscreen and moisturizing my face and body. I moisturize after I shower every single day to keep my skin super soft. My beauty regime is a lot less bold than it once was but I still wear a lot of products – you just can’t really tell. I can do my makeup super quickly now that I have a solid routine.

Personally, I hate when people think they’re paying you a compliment by saying “you don’t need makeup.” Of course no one technically needs makeup, but for me, makeup is a true passion. I love experimenting with new products, ogling over new packaging, and it can be so fun to switch up your look on an everyday basis, even though you don’t have to.



The Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil is an everyday staple for me. I usually have a few on hand because I can’t bear to run out. I first read about it in magazines but didn’t really buy into the hype until thick, full eyebrows became all the rage a few years ago. One pencil lasts me around 2 months with everyday usage. My eyebrows are very sparse and I find this pencil gives me a super natural, fuller, look. I don’t typically use a setting gel but when I want a bolder brow that really stays I like to use Blinc Eyebrow Mousse. I’ve tried other pencils that are supposed to be dupes but nothing else really compares to this. Something about the texture and fine tip that makes it just perfect!


My everyday look involves a thick cat-eye, and I personally find felt tip liners are the easiest to use. I had tried Kat Von D.’s Tattoo Liner before, which has gotten a lot of hype, but I prefer the  Kat Von D Ink Liner. The Ink Liner is a felt tip while the Tattoo Liner is a brush. You get a waterproof, jet-black line so you don’t need to worry about reapplying. Like my Brow Wiz, this is another product I keep multiples of so I don’t run out. I’d say each tube lasts me about 2 months, and is definitely worth the money for me.


I have oily skin so I typically only use mineral makeup instead of liquid or cream foundations, and I have been using Laura Mercier Mineral Powder for about 10 years now. It provides a natural coverage and is easy to apply, especially if you use a kabuki brush. It’s never broken me out and it also contains SPF. This is an everyday essential for me since I wear it in lieu of typical foundation.


I have been using Reversa Anti-Spot Lightening Day Cream for about 10 years as well, although not necessarily for its “lightening” abilities. I don’t really have any spots to lighten but its active ingredient is glycolic acid, which is amazing if you are having any kind of breakout. It’s especially good if you’re having one of those deep under the skin, cystic-like pimples brewing. I’ll apply this before bed and I swear that the looming breakout is totally eliminated when I wake up in the morning. I buy this at Shoppers Drug Mart. You only need a tiny bit to cover your entire face so it lasts for ages. I don’t use it as my everyday skincare so I probably only repurchase it once or twice a year. It’s my #1 skincare secret!


I had wanted a GHD styler for years but the price was always a deterrent. I have naturally straight hair so I really only wanted it for waves/curls. When I received my GHD 1” Styler years agoI was so excited! It is now my daily styler for my everyday loose waves. It took me a while to master curls with it but thanks to some tips from my hairstylist, I’m now a pro. It takes me less than 10 minutes to do my hair! The GHD heats up super fast to a high temperature, which means my style actually holds with a little bit of hairspray. I’m definitely buying another one if mine breaks because it’s so worth it!”


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