PRODUCT REVIEW: Good On Ya 100% Natural & Handcrafted Skincare


I’ve recently been on a bit of a kick to reduce the amount of harmful and unnecessary toxins that have innocuously made their way into my life, beauty or otherwise. Albeit, being a skincare junkie who is constantly experimenting with different products and lines out there, I do not have the willpower to go completely organic and natural when it comes to makeup and beauty. I do however get really excited at the opportunity to try products that are! I originally came across the Good On Ya skincare line through one of my first beauty interviews with my friend, Alison Halleran. She spoke so highly of this 100% natural, east-coast, Canadian, mother-daughter run labour of love, that I had to give them a try.

Since Good On Ya products are handmade in small batches, I patiently waited for  their fall product line to launch to ensure there was full stock of everything I might want.  I quite literally salivated at the sight of every single item. I suppressed my urge to order everything I set my eyes on, and exercised self control by only ordering the Charcoal Detox Mask, Atlantic Kelp Hydrating Mask, Mint Lip Balm, and Bare Lip Balm. Self contol/schmelf control, I will be ordering more.


I adore Good On Ya’s  Charcoal Detox Mask. It is very gentle on the skin, so easy to use, and extremely effective. This mask is stored in powder form. I mixed 1/2 a teaspoon of the powder with a several drops of water in a bowl  to create the paste. I thought I may have put too much water in as it looked quite liquid, but it did not affect the application negatively at all. I applied the mask with my hands. I didn’t make much of a mess, but in the future would consider applying this mask with a brush. Once the mask dried, I easily removed it with a warm, wet wash cloth.

My skin looked brighter and more clear after using this mask. I noticed a lot of my blackheads disappeared and that some of my more stubborn blackheads lingering around my nose were brought to the surface. I had a strong urge to use a Biore nose strip after doing this mask, so I did, and the remaining blackheads came flying out! I’m definitely going to incorporate this charcoal mask into my regime on a weekly or at least biweekly basis. However, the next time I use it I am going to exfoliate my face first and likely steam it for a few minutes to really open up my pores to help this mask further draw out the impurities. It gave me such peace of mind to know that I was putting natural and organic ingredients on my face when I used this mask.

My dear friend, Becky, kindly offered to help product test the Atlantic Kelp Hydrating Mask. Becky’s skin is a little complicated as she has eczema and occasionally experiences some dry patches on her face. Its understandable why the idea of a natural and organic hydrating mask sparked her interest. This mask is also kept in powdered form, and when mixed with water created a similar paste. Once this mask dried on her face, she also removed it with a warm, damp wash cloth. Immediately after using this mask Becky remarked on how soft and hydrated her skin felt and locked in that moisture with her regular face cream . The dry patch around her mouth cleared up and her skin looked vibrant, refreshed and hydrated!

Good On Ya’s lip balm is now a staple in my daily routine. It is so hydrating and I love the fact that I know I’m not ingesting any unnecessary toxins every time I lick my lips. I am one of those people where almost every time I go into the drugstore I come out with a new lip balm to try, because I’m always fighting dry lips thanks to my recent infatuation with liquid-to-matte lipsticks. Maybe I keep trying the wrong stuff, but a lot of lip balms or treatments tend to give me only temporary results and require constant reapplication. Not with these guys! I put this balm on and didn’t even think about needing to reapply for hours. As a matter of fact, several hours after I applied the Mint Balm for the first time, I went to go put some more on out of habit. As I touched my lips they still felt soft and supple, as if I had just put some on a half hour ago. The mint balm is my favourite of the two – I enjoy the slight tingle to my lips from the peppermint essential oil. The bare lip balm is unscented, but just as effective, which I thought would be important information for anyone out there with fragrance and chemical sensitivities. They have several other yummy sounding lip balms, that I am confident offer the same results.



I’m excited to watch this company grow. Their dedication to their craft is evident in the quality of their products. To get your hands on some Good On Ya products, you can find them on Facebook or Instagram. Simply send them a message with what you’d like to order and they will send it your way!

Facebook: Good On Ya 
Instagram: @goodonyanl


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