BEAUTY INTERVIEW: Top 5 with Nathalie Boucher



Ottawa, Ontario/ New York City, New York


“It is amazing to me how makeup can transform the way you feel about yourself. I don’t always wear a lot of makeup, and don’t necessarily think women need to wear tons of makeup, but it’s marvellous how the slightest bit of concealer or touch of bronzer can boost one’s self-esteem. Personally, I feel makeup actually helps my truest self to shine through. Your self-esteem shouldn’t have to suffer due to a transient blemish on your face or some dark circles under your eyes from a sleepless night. It makes sense to conceal them while they make their momentary appearance. I think my love for makeup came from being an artistic child. I always loved to draw and paint, and makeup just seemed to be a good extension of that. It’s just like painting, after all! I also love getting ready with my best friends and doing our makeup together, it’s a bonding experience.


I love Amber Fillerup Clark; she has the most amazing braid tutorials. I have to admit I haven’t tried many of them, as I feel I don’t quite have enough hair to get the same effect she does, but I love how creative she is with her hairstyles. Then I would have to say Huda Kattan is the other person I draw a lot off my inspiration from. She has amassed herself a beauty empire, yet still seems so down to earth and kind in all her videos. I love how she reposts aspiring beauty bloggers all the while generating really good content herself. She does the best contour for sure!


Cityy & Seaa Blog – InstagramGoldwaters Design



If you love ‘I woke up like this’ hair, I wouldn’t buy anything else other than the Shu Uemura Texture Wave Dry Finishing Spray. I came across this product while working as a receptionist at Ottawa hair salon, Pierino Scarfo. All the stylists that worked there swore by this texturizing spray. It basically gives my hair a rougher texture to help get that undone and disheveled look. Once I’ve either already straightened or curled my hair I spritz this product it all over. I don’t tend to use this spray as much when my hair is long, but when my extensions are out I will use it pretty much every time I style my hair. Unless of course I’m going for a sleeker look, but honestly that doesn’t happen very often. This spray helps me create a runway, beachy, bedhead vibe that I absolutely adore!


I rely on my Lush Ocean Salt Face Scrub to keep my skin especially soft and blemish free. My skin can get unbelievably dry, and when I find I don’t exfoliate enough I breakout a lot. This scrub is rough enough that when I get lazy and forget to exfoliate for a while that one application will exfoliate through all the layers of dead skin that had accumulated. It’s so easy to use! I simply scrub one scoop of it all over my face with my hands while I’m in the shower. This scrub is infused with vodka and lime, which actually cleanses and disinfects the newly revealed fresh skin post exfoliation. Since it is a harsher exfoliator, the employees at Lush suggested I use it only once a week, but sometimes I will use it twice a week if my skin has been really misbehaving.


Dr. Jarts Water Replenishment Moisture Sheet Mask is extremely moisturizing. I like to use it after exfoliating my face to give it a boost of moisture. The combination of this mask with my Ocean Salt Scrub really addresses my dry skin problem. It is comfortable and easy to use. You take the mask out of the packaging and place it tightly on your face. Then you just relax, watch some TV and let the mask do its work. After 20 minutes or so, you remove the sheet and rub whatever liquid is on your face into your skin. Voila, all done! I tend to only use this mask when I notice my skin has been very dry, so either after a vacation or during a harsh winter. I buy it from Sephora but unfortunately sometimes when I go to buy it, it’s sold out. I would definitely use it more otherwise. I can’t say that I love that this is 9 dollars for a one-time use facemask, but it works!


I love my Lilly Lashes. I first came across these lashes while casually stalking through beauty accounts on Instagram. I noticed so many beauty bloggers raving about these them and I needed to see for myself if they were worth all the hype. I was skeptical, since they are quite expensive for falsies, and because I know people on Instagram so often get paid to endorse products. I was very pleased to find out that these lashes definitely lived up to their expectations. There are so many styles to choose from. My favourites styles would have to be Mykonos and Miami. I find Miami to be a more natural looking, while Mykonos is all drama. They are of such high quality and the fact you can wear them 20+ times if you properly take care of them totally makes the price worth it. Personally, I find these lashes are easier to apply then some of the cheaper brands out there because of the thickness of the lash band. With a thicker band, more glue actually attaches the lash to your eye making them super secure. To use these lashes, I first take them out of the packaging and cut them to fit the length of my eyelid. Once I’ve done that, I apply eyelash glue either directly on the lash or sometimes I will apply it with something small and pointy like a bobby pin for more precision. I then let the glue dry onto my lashes anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute until it feels tacky – this is the most important step. If the glue is not dry enough, putting lashes on can become a living nightmare because they will just end up slipping everywhere. Once the glue is dry I adjust them as close as possible to my natural lash line and press down. The only place you can buy Lilly Lashes is on, but they do have international shipping and it doesn’t take very long make its way to Canada. My Lilly Lashes look better and more luxurious when compared to any cheaper brand I’ve tried. If you take care of them, the can last you a really long time. They are an essential for me.


The Original Burts Bee’s has been my go-to lip balm. To be honest, I don’t remember ever not using this product. I love everything about this product; how it moisturizes my lips, its smell, its minty taste, how easily it goes on. I use it every, single, day. If I can’t find my tube I’ll actually go out and buy a new one, because I always need some on me! In terms of application, I think I’m slightly addicted to lip balm, so I will put it on even when I don’t really need it. But my lips, like the rest of my skin, tend to be very dry. This is the only lip balm I find relieves the dryness of my lips. I’ve gone to Sephora and bought a few higher end balms, but always end up going back to Burt’s.”


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