BEAUTY INTERVIEW: Top 5 with Rebecca Ball

getting ready report rebecca ball eminence coola l'oreal mac



Ottawa, Ontario


“My beauty regime is fairly simple; I focus on taking good care of my skin. I love natural beauty, so I guess you could say I’m a skin care enthusiast. Although I do enjoy playing around with makeup, the majority of my time is spent trying and testing natural and organic skincare products. I try to stay natural and organic as I have extremely sensitive skin. If I even think about eating one chip I feel a blemish coming on! Another reason I prefer to use natural and organic skin care products is because my mother passed away from breast cancer when I was just 7 years old. So the fewer the chemicals present in the products I use the better.


Growing up, I never had a clue what skincare products and makeup I should use. I’m cringing at memories of accidentally overplucked eyebrows and sparkly blue eyeshadow. I’m still questioning why I ever thought that was a good idea. To be honest, finding my way through the world of beauty, make-up and skincare was a complete disaster! That is until the day I decided I wanted to become a model. I am once again cringing at memories of failed photo shoots and awkwardly posing in front of the camera – it’s as bad as you’re picturing it. Luckily, the courses offered at Models International Management modeling agency changed all of that for me. Their courses taught me everything from how to properly take care of my skin to how not to over pluck my eyebrows. As a 13-year-old who hadn’t a clue what concealer was, this was my saving grace. I highly recommend these courses to anyone looking to learn a thing or two about beauty, hair care, skin care, and make-up – it’s a real confidence booster.


It’s an extremely rewarding feeling owning your own business and being your own boss. PreLoved Ottawa is a carefully curated online preloved goods and consignment shop. It quite simply started as a closet sale. My business partner, Emily, and I took items that we no longer loved from our own closets and sold them online. We instantaneously received an amazing response and before we knew it we had people asking to consign through us. I don’t think either of us expected PreLoved to grow so quickly. It has been a bit of a whirlwind, but I love every minute of it, especially since Emily and I are on the same page about everything!



My skin absolutely glows whenever I use Eminence’s Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant. If my skin ever feels dry, using it will immediately improve and smooth out the texture of my skin. I was first introduced to this product on one of my trips to Ottawa-based boutique, Oresta. I was desperately looking for products that wouldn’t irritate my sensitive and acne prone skin. Luckily for me, Oresta specializes in organic and chemical-free hair and skin care. If you have the opportunity to step into one of three of their locations across the city, consider yourself pre-warned, you won’t be leaving empty-handed! One of the shop girls swore by this product and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. This exfoliant comes in powder form so I can easily add it to my face wash. The best part of it being in powder form is that I can control the amount of exfoliation my skin gets given that I get to choose how much powder I put into my face wash. If you’re in the mood for a gentler exfoliation, you use less, and if you’re looking for a deeper exfoliation you add more. It’s recommended that you exfoliate your skin twice a week – I religiously play by the rules.

getting ready report rebecca ball eminence coola l'oreal mac

Mac Studio Fix is the absolute best for covering blemishes and evening out skin tone. It is essential to my beauty routine – I use it every, single, day. When I was in university I struggled a lot more with problem skin. Thankfully, my roommate at the time was a make-up enthusiast. She would often let me test her products, which is how I came across this powder. I loved it then just as much as I love it now. Personally, I prefer not to wear a lot of make-up but sensitive skin often goes hand in hand with an uneven skin tone. I find this product to be a great way to even things out without having to apply a lot of coverup. I apply this powder on my skin last after I’ve applied concealer. You can also use this product by itself, which I often do. On top of evening out skin tone, it’s great for keeping any unwanted shine at bay throughout the day. I love how light it feels on your skin and how little you need to apply.

getting ready report rebecca ball eminence coola l'oreal mac

I can’t go a day without using my L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer in Brunette. I love that this pencil has a brush attached to it as I have recently become obsessed with brushing and styling my eyebrows. If I could choose to brush only one thing, it would be my eyebrows, not my hair! After all, you can never go wrong with a little bedhead on a Sunday morning. As previously mentioned, I lean towards a more natural beauty look, so I love that my eyebrows appear fuller naturally when I use this pencil. It also gives me great value for the price. Supposedly Anastasia Beverly Hills has the best eyebrow products on the market, but I didn’t feel the need to spend $30 on a brow pencil. Internet reviews suggested this product was next best thing, and I wasn’t disappointed by the recommendation. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your hands on a good product.


I am an organic junkie. It makes me feel better knowing that the products that I am putting onto my skin, particularly my face, are more natural. That being said there is nothing worse in my opinion than applying a sunscreen so greasy that you can feel it clogging your pores almost instantly. Coola’s Organic Face Sunscreen is incredibly light and soaks into my skin right away. Anytime I have plans to be out and about in the sun, I make sure to apply it to protect my skin. Wrinkles are inevitable, but I want to keep them at bay for as long as I possibly can. I purchase this sunscreen from Oresta and typically apply it after moisturizing, prior to applying any makeup. The best part? It’s mattifying. Coola is a no-fuss-no-muss kind of sunscreen. I can easily and comfortably apply make-up on top of it. What could be better than that?

getting ready report rebecca ball eminence coola l'oreal mac

I love everything about my Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Face Mask; the way it smells, how refreshing it feels on my skin, how well it works. It is so great for problem skin. It evens out your skin tone while exfoliating and eliminating the appearance of blemishes. Its scent is extremely mild and smells of cucumber and mint. Once a week I will generously apply this mask onto damp skin after washing my face. After approximately 10-15 minutes I’ll wash it off with a warm, moist towel, pat my skin dry and then apply my daily moisturizer. The number of applications you get from one container of this product depends on how much you put on your skin in one sitting. I would say one jar could get you around 12-20 masks. Believe me, you get your bang for your buck with this facemask! If I could only choose one thing I loved the most about it, I would have to say I love how it makes my skin glow. My skin has never loved a mask so much. I know it may sound strange, but I can literally feel how happy my skin is after applying this mask! It’s a must have in my books.”

getting ready report rebecca ball eminence coola l'oreal mac

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