BEAUTY INTERVIEW: Top 5 with Danielle Boucher


Montreal, Quebec


“My first memory of wearing makeup was in grade 8. I was going out trick or treating with my friends and my older sister introduced me to liquid eyeliner. She’s four years older than me, so she was always a step ahead when it came to fashion and makeup. I owe a lot of my makeup appreciation to her, as she was the one who introduced me to the whole scene. Now, I’d like to think that were on an even playing field in that department.


My signature beauty look is a very natural one. I usually go makeup-less to school but when I choose to wear some, I tend to go for the “no makeup” makeup look. If I had to pick 3 beauty items that I couldn’t live without on any given day, I’d go with concealer, something to set my eyebrows with and lip balm. If my brows are in their place and my under eyes are concealed, I feel ready to leave the house. I can go without mascara but I’ll usually throw some on if I feel like wearing a little more. I probably spend way too much time watching beauty gurus on YouTube for the amount of makeup application I do on a day-to-day basis. However, when I go out on the weekends I make use those skills and go all out – I can do both, but for my everyday I opt for the natural route.


Moisturize your skin every day. You might not see the results now, but your 40-year-old self will thank you.




I like to wear my Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Tulle if I am going out or want a more dramatic look. I love the colour. When I bought this lipstick, I bought four other shades and this one was by far my favourite. It’s the perfect deep burgundy for fall and winter without being too overpowering. This product dries matte so it is definitely not a hydrating lipstick. I did, however, find that this colour was one of the best formulas out of all the other colours I bought from Colourpop. Some of the other colours/formulas felt a bit uncomfortable, so I don’t really wear them. I haven’t gone through a whole tube of this yet and I got it at the beginning of summer! I’m sure it will last me quite a while. Colourpop products are only available online at and one liquid lipstick retails for $6.00. Is it worth it? For sure.


I’m not a big fan of tanning so I love how Loving Tan 2Hr Express makes me look so much darker without having to get into a tanning bed. Growing up, my family always said I looked adopted because of my fair skin. My parents and my sister tan so easily and I’m just over here looking like a ghost most of the time. I tend to only use this self-tanner for special occasions or if I’m looking for an instant glow. I think it’s important to be able to have a nice tan without exposing yourself to harsh UV rays. This product is an essential for me because personally, I feel more confident when I have a bit of a glow. This tanner helps me achieve that look without making my skin look super fake or orange. Loving Tan comes in a mousse formula that can be applied with a mitt all over the body. Before use it, I make sure to shave and exfoliate so that the product gets distributed evenly. I apply 1-2 pumps of mousse on each limb in a circular motion and usually end up asking someone to help me with my back. In terms of staining your clothing, you have to be a bit careful with this one. After you apply it, you’ll want to let it dry for a bit. I’ll usually put my bathrobe on immediately after I let it dry so I’m nice and comfortable during the two-hour waiting period. I use the 2 hour express in dark because I don’t like to sleep with self-tanner on as it tends to get on your sheets often times creases on your body while you sleep. After two hours, I hop in the shower and use my hands to gently wipe off the excess. It leaves a naturally beautiful tan with an olive undertone. I love the colour it leaves on my body. Like the lipstick, this product is only available online and it is kind of pricey. It does have that “self-tanner” smell that we all know and hate, but it actually is the best smelling tanner I’ve used to date.


Since I’m away at school, I also can’t get my eyebrows waxed as often as I would like because I don’t trust anyone other than my lady that does it back in Ottawa. My brows are thick and usually all over the place if I don’t use brow gel but sometimes also look too filled in for my liking if I use product. Over the years, I’ve tried using different pencils, powders, and pomades, but I’ve ended up relying on Dove Baby Soap soap brows to maintain them. What I love the most about soap brows is the fact that I don’t need to use any extra product after brushing them to keep them the way I want them to stay. Soap brows are pretty easy. You only need two things: a spooly and a bar of soap. You start off by scraping the spooly along the soap to saturate it. You then run it through your brows shaping the hairs the way you want them to stay and then wait for them to dry. That’s it! If you have full brows, you’re set for the day. If not, you can fill in your sparse areas with brow products of your choice. The bar of soap that I use works, but so will any other. I use this particular soap to clean my beauty blender, so it’s just what I had lying around. I would actually recommend using a clear base soap instead of a white based one because it can leave a residue if you’re not careful.


I use my Pink Sugar Perfume every freaking day – I’m in love. Back in middle school, my favourite singers were twin Youtubers, Megan & Liz. I remember Megan announcing she used Pink sugar as her perfume one day and I’ve used it ever since. The name is a perfect description of what it gives you, an innocent smelling perfume, perfect for anybody. It’s a sugary sweet smell, like cotton candy and vanilla. It’s become my signature scent. I can’t be bothered to try anything else. I recommend it to anyone that I can. I actually recommended it to my roommate the other day, and she refused to buy it because she had always associated it with my scent and she didn’t want to steal it from me. I wear it nearly every day and one bottle usually lasts me a year. You can purchase this product at Shoppers Drugmart, which is ideal because that’s where I purchase the majority of my beauty and skincare products, so I just pick it up whenever it’s on sale, so I always have backups on hand. I love it.


I use my Clean & Clear Acne Control Moisturizer every day, sometimes twice a day. I usually use it after I wash my face or take a shower, to make sure my skin doesn’t feel dry. I love the cool, tingly sensation it leaves on my face after I apply it. Another reason why I love this product is because it has a pump! I swear products with pumps make any application process way simpler. It is a great everyday moisturizer and absorbs quickly. It takes about 1-2 pumps to cover my entire face and neck. You can purchase this at any local drugstore that sells Clean and Clear products, such as Shoppers Drug Mart. The biggest benefit that I find is how great my skin feels after I apply it. I’m not prone to acne, so I can’t really speak on those benefits, however, it doesn’t make me breakout so that’s promising.”


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