BEAUTY INTERVIEW: Top 5 with Thanh Phung


Halifax, Nova Scotia


“The best piece of beauty advice I ever received was when I was 16 years old and just starting to wear makeup. A random lady happened to see I was struggling on deciding what shade of foundation to choose and told me to make sure my skin was well moisturized to ensure my foundation would sit properly. She said: ‘It doesn’t matter how expensive your makeup is, if you have dry skin it will always look bad. Cakey equals bad.’ That really stuck with me.


My biggest beauty regret was not learning how to define my eyebrows sooner. I used to neglect that feature because it seemed too daunting a task to tackle. I inherited my dad’s large bushy brows and I wish someone had taught me how to shape and maintain them earlier.


My favorite part about makeup is how it can accentuate your best features while camouflaging your imperfections at the same time. I also love how you can change your look from natural to glam with just a few adjustments.

Photography by @mophung
Photography by @mophung



I saw several beauty bloggers review the Nyx Wonder Stick on YouTube when I was trying to learn how to contour. They made it look so effortless so I thought I would give it a try. I’m not great at contouring, and I definitely have a long way to go before I’m super comfortable with it, but this stick is foolproof and easy to blend. I love that it’s a two in one product and small enough to grab and go when I’m traveling. It is a great tool for a contouring beginner like myself. To use, I simply take the darker shade of the contouring stick to make a triangle shape from my ears to the corner of my mouth stopping half way on my cheek, two lines along the side of my nose, and line along my jawline. I then apply the lighter shade under my eyes, cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and my chin. I then blend it all in with a foundation brush. It blends effortlessly and I love its ease of application. I’ve gotten great value for the price of this product. I didn’t want to spend big money on a high-end contouring palette and not use it so it has been a great starting point for me. I’ve had this current stick for almost 3 months and it is just over half gone.


Is there anything worse in the makeup world than running out of your favourite product and then finding out its been discontinued? A Beauty Boutique associate at my local Shoppers Drug Mart mentioned how she loved Marcelle’s Loose Setting Powder and that it was very good quality for the price when comparing it to the more expensive one I had been using. Luckily for me, she was completely right! I absolutely love it and have been using it daily since I bought it. The price point is amazing for this product and I honestly cannot tell the difference between this powder and the high-end one I had been using previously. It is very light, wears well throughout the day and I rarely have to reapply it. I purchased my current container about 3 months ago and there is still plenty left. I find a small amount goes a long way and I get tremendously good value for the price! I doubt I’ll be purchasing a high-end setting powder ever again.


I use my Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash every night before I go to bed. I need a product suitable for combination skin that can remove my makeup and cleanse all in one – this totally fits the bill. A nickel-sized amount of this cleanser creates a good lather on my lightly dampened face. I use circular motions with my hands to cleanse and remove my makeup. Since I started using this cleanser I’ve noticed that my skin has become less red and dry, which typically is an issue for me especially during winter months. I love how soft this cleanser leaves my skin.


I started using Vicky Mina’s Makeup Spotlight Strobing Palette in Light Boxx about a month ago and basically can’t leave the house without it on. It is so easy to use, which is a requirement for me or else I wouldn’t buy it or reach for it on a daily basis. Let’s get real here, half the time I can’t steal more than 10 minutes in the mornings to get everyone ready and out the door on time. It is the last product that I use to finish off my look. I’ll take a fairly compact blush brush and dab it on one of the three colours in the palette, then sweep it over my cheekbones on top of my blush. I love that the three shades in the palette can go with every blush tone out there. It’s compact and slim enough to travel with and eliminates any need to carry several pots of highlighter. Vicky is currently setting up her online store but for now, you can purchase this kit through her via email or her Instagram.


I use Benefit’s Gimme Brow every day. This is their newer eyebrow product line and I was immediately drawn to its packaging when I saw it at Shoppers Drug Mart. I was instantly sold on it after having it applied on me in-store. I typically wear this over the Benefit’s Goof-Proof Brow Pencil but if I’m in a rush I can use it on its own before heading out the door. It’s great for when I’m in a rush. I think the size and shape of the tiny brush are what makes it unique compared to other brow gels and tints I have used in the past. Its tiny size allows for a precise and flawless application. In my experience, the formula has never clumped and fills in my brows in so well. I’ve had this current tube for over three months and it’s just now starting to show signs of needing to be replaced.”


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