BEAUTY INTERVIEW: Top 5 with Kirsten Schoenberg


St. John’s, Newfoundland


My love for beauty came before that of fashion. I can still remember getting my first MacBook and being really excited about being able to finally watch beauty blogger videos in my room instead of out in the open on my family computer.


My skin is in a bit of a weird spot right now. I have oily skin as a rule but come winter, it gets very dehydrated and flakey, but still oily. So exfoliating is a priority, but also trying to keep a balance in the moisture in my skin as well. Over exfoliating won’t do your skin any favors.


Definitely over-plucking my eyebrows as a teen, but who didn’t though? I always wonder if they’d be a little fuller now.



I found out about Chanel’s Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Base via YouTube. It’s a highly coveted product by many well-known beauty bloggers, and it caught my attention immediately after all the praise it received. I don’t always get the best results with powder bronzers and I’ve never been disappointed with the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel. Since it’s a cream/mousse formula, it doesn’t go on patchy, which I find can sometimes be an issue with powdered bronzers. It applies so evenly and is so easy to blend. I use it almost every day, except for the days where I’m feeling lazy and just want to use a tinted moisturizer, mascara, and eyebrow products. I use a dense buffing brush to apply this product to my face after I finish applying my foundation and concealer. I frame my forehead, put some around my temples, a little under my cheekbones for a more natural contour, then around my jawline and down my neck to make sure everything matches. It is important to remember that since it is a cream product, you need to apply it before applying any powder to the face. This bronzer is absolutely worth the price. It retails for $54.00 CAD, which is very comparable to other brands like Make Up For Ever and Bobbi Brown. It is a tad more expensive, but for a luxury brand, it’s definitely one of the more inexpensive ones. I believe the Tom Ford Bronzer will run you around $83.00 CAD. These bronzers last forever. I just repurchased one, for the 4th time I believe, and I had the previous one for around 8 months to a year.


I am more likely to use my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation on a daily basis versus for events or going out. I’ll wear this foundation on days where I want light-medium coverage. It’s one of the only ‘glowy’ or ‘luminous’ foundations that works on my oily skin and is definitely buildable. I do get a tiny bit of oil breakthrough with this, but nothing major. How I apply it depends on my mood. I love using a beauty blender, but I also love using my Sigma flat top kabuki brush or my Artis Oval 7 brush which also applies it quite nicely. One bottle of this foundation usually lasts me between 4 and 6 months. It is an expensive foundation, but for me, the price is worth it. The finish is so nice; it photographs great and wears really well on my skin. This foundation definitely achieves my goal of having skin that looks natural but also flawless at the same time. I totally get why it’s a favorite among brides.


I like to reach for my Dior Airflash Spray Foundation when I’m going out and definitely know I’ll be in photos. This product truly makes you look airbrushed and never cakey. I don’t know how it does it, but it’s actually amazing. What’s even more amazing is that some of your own skin shows through – I’m able to see some of my freckles and still end up looking flawless! This foundation gives me medium to full coverage, which is so amazing to me because of how light it feels on my skin. It is more difficult to apply in comparison to a liquid foundation, as it is an aerosol spray. You have a couple options: you can spray directly on your face, or what I do more often is spray the product directly onto a brush and then buff it onto my skin. I’d say anywhere from 4 to 6 sprays will give me the coverage I want. I use this foundation sparingly because you can lose a lot of the product when you’re spraying it. The one downside to this product is the price; I wish it wasn’t so expensive. At $78 a bottle, I try to not use it a lot. One bottle can last me a while, I would say about a year. In my opinion, the price is worth it because flawless looking skin is something I strive for, and this really does it for me.


I’ve been using Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil for almost 2 years now. I use this 3-4 times week, about every other night to help combat oily skin and to reduce the size of my pores. I know it sounds counter-intuitive to put oil on oily skin, but oily skin is often that way due to a lack of oil. Using a product like this sends a message to your skin to stop the over production of oil. I just love how my skin looks in the morning when I use this product; my makeup always applies like a dream. There’s also retinol in this product, which is great for anti-aging and also in helping to diminish acne scarring. I need only the tiniest amount of this product for an application, about 3 drops with the dropper. A little goes a long way. I’m still on my first bottle – is that gross? I don’t know what the shelf life is but it’s still working for me!


I, like many other people, am obsessed with the Kardashians. Once I discovered via Instagram that Kylie was starting her own makeup line, I knew I needed to get my hands on a Lip Kit by Kylie Cosmetics. I currently have four shades, but my favorite has to be Candy K. It is the perfect nude, especially when you have a bit of a tan. I’ll always apply lipstick as the last step to my makeup routine. What’s great is it comes with a matching liner, which I find always makes liquid lipsticks easier to apply. It dries almost immediately after putting it on, and once dried, very little transfers onto your mug, glass, etc. I love how it is so opaque and dries down to an amazing finish. It doesn’t feel overly thick on the lips and lasts for hours. During my 8 hour workday, I probably only have to reapply once. This liquid lip is a bit drying, but popping on some balm or some sort of lip mask underneath usually takes care of that really quickly”

– As told to the GRR


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