BEAUTY INTERVIEW: Top 5 with Megan Warren



St. John’s, Newfoundland


“Makeup plays an essential part in forming a look – an outfit can’t be complete without it. More specifically, I’ve learned that having your eyeshadow properly blended out is key. Proper blending is what makes your look go from amateur to professional. As beauty vlogger Nicole Guerriero says, “We don’t want no harsh lines!”


My eyebrows and eyelashes are pretty well non-existent without the help of mascara or eyebrow products. I am very light haired, almost albino really, so I’d have to say my biggest beauty regret would be not filling in my eyebrows sooner. In high school, I went through a bit of an ‘emo’ phase which included heavy amounts of black eyeliner and dark eyeshadow. Regretfully, for whatever reason, I skipped out on filling in my eyebrows. You don’t realize how much eyebrows can change the look of your face until you see a picture of yourself with a full face of makeup on and zero eyebrows. Needless to say, it is now a critical step in my beauty routine.




When it comes to soap, I like to stick to one kind and not mix it up too much. Bar soaps are my favourite and lately, YYT Soaps have been my go-to’s. Their ‘Joe Foley’ coffee scrub soap smells amazing, moisturizes the skin and exfoliates with the coffee grinds. As a coffee lover, this is the one for me! Coffee in the morning shower and then coffee when I get out – it really puts the ‘but first coffee’ saying into play. Their ‘Jack’ soap is another, more gentle soap of theirs that I enjoy. Knowing these soaps are all natural gives me peace of mind about what I am putting on my body. Also, knowing they are made with love by two amazing local talents makes me extremely happy. You can purchase YYT soaps directly via their Facebook Page, or you can pick them up from the Seed Company in St. John’s, NL or Judy’s Home and Gift in Whitbourne NL. YYT products range anywhere from $5.00-$15, which for all natural, handmade soaps is amazing!


I’ve been using my Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Gloss for about 6 months now. It completely lives up to its name as my lips feel plumper and fuller since I’ve started to use it daily. I typically apply this product to my lips after applying foundation and concealer. As my lips dry, I finish my eye makeup and contour. By the time the rest of my makeup is done my lips have plumped up enough that my lipstick goes on flawlessly. The fullness this gloss gives my lips makes for a beautiful canvas to apply the strictly liquid to matte lipsticks I use. At $17 I feel the travel size gives great value if you want to try it out before investing in the full size at $39, as it is a sufficient amount of product to know if you like it or not and lasted me about two months. I absolutely love this product and the results are worth the money, much cheaper than getting real lip injections. Without knowing I had been using this product, my fiancé actually made it a point to tell me that my lips felt fuller and more squishy when we kiss. To me, those are results at it’s finest!


I use my Marcelle Matte BB Cream a few times a week on low maintenance days or days I don’t feel like using heavier foundations. 1-2 pumps of this product blended into my skin with a beauty blender gives me moderate to full coverage, which is pretty impressive for a BB Cream. I’ve tried a lot of other BB creams and I found they had very little coverage or the colour to be too orange. Ideally, you want a BB cream that matches your skin tone perfectly, which can be hard to find for those with cooler skin undertones, like me. This BB cream doesn’t leave me with an orangey undertone, but rather a very natural color with a matte finish. A lot of BB Creams have sheer, dewy finishes, which I personally don’t love because my skin is already fairly oily. I find those kind of BB Creams make me look even more shiny, almost sweaty in a way. The matte finish complements my skin tone and gives off a very natural look. I find this BB cream to be a lighter replacement for foundation. For the most part, you can’t tell the difference between when I’m using this product versus my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.


A local esthetician, Emma Vincent at Athena by Anstey, used Eminence’s Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System on me during a facial. Afterward, she gave me a sample size of this system to try at home. I instantly fell in love with it and had to pick up the entire system when my samples ran out. I now use this product once to twice a week and can totally tell if I’ve gone longer than a week without using it. It effectively removes dead skin and any makeup that may be built-up on my face. It allows for flawless and smooth makeup application while giving my face a fresh smooth feeling and this amazing glow. This system has three products in it, an enzyme exfoliant, a peel activator and a radiance cream. I actually use the radiance cream as my daily moisturizer because it is so hydrating and makes my skin look luminous and bright. Even though this is a three step system, it is not difficult to use. You can either apply it very quickly in the morning while you’re getting ready or you can turn it into a relaxing mini-facial experience. Sometimes when I feel like relaxing I turn this system into a little night for myself. I put on calm music, light a few candles, and lay down while the activator does its thing. I will be 100% replacing this system when I run out. It’s so essential during the times between change of season facials.


I’ve tried so many different purple shampoos in the past to keep the brassiness out of my hair and none of them compare to the Silver Shine Shampoo by Milkshake. Thanks to this shampoo, I get my hair toned every 5 months instead of every 6-8 weeks to maintain my signature lavender hair colour. Honestly, the only reason I head to the salon now is to get extensions put back in and to get my roots done. Other than that I could probably go longer without a visit. Any blonde can agree that that’s an insane amount of time to not have your hair toned, but it is no longer necessary for me to frequent the salon for toning so often after using this shampoo. It’s pretty much toner in shampoo form because it’s of potency. I love the fact that it’s sulphate free. Sulphates can cause your hair and scalp to dry out and in turn damage your hair and cause dandruff. My hair was very damaged for years and this shampoo has really helped change the texture of my hair keeping soft, shiny and healthy. I wash my hair about 2-3 times a week (dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend, am I right?!) and I’ll use this shampoo every time I wash my hair. When I wash my hair I always wash it twice. The first time to clean it of any dirt and the second time I’ll leave the shampoo in my hair as a ‘colour treatment’ and leave it in for about 5 minutes to really absorb the color and achieve the lavender hue. This shampoo may be a bit more of an expensive product to purchase but it is worth every penny! Investing an extra $20 for the bottle has saved me hundreds in not getting my hair toned. I’ve also had the 1L bottle since May and still haven’t hit the bottom yet. The only way I’d change shampoos at this point is if I dye my hair brown. I don’t see that happening in the near future, or really ever for that matter, silver-lavender is just too perfect for me!”

– As told to the GRR


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